• Manisha Verma

    customer Delhi | Age: 25, Gender: Female

    YupTrends is an absolute need for your shopping sprees! With a fantastic collection of quality products, I did most of my wedding shopping through YupTrends and was ecstatic about their live features ... Read More >

  • Vishav Preet

    customer Kolkata | Age: 39, Gender: Male

    Mostly, when shopping online, I realized what looks on the screen doesn't look the same in real life, and this is why I always refrained from doing online shopping. With YupTrends, not only I regained... Read More >

  • Meenakshi Sharma

    customer Delhi | Age: 23, Gender: Female

    When I go for online shopping, frankly speaking, I am extremely skeptical and mostly panicked about payment gateways. While shopping on YupTrends, I never thought of having such a delightful experienc... Read More >

  • Amit Sharma

    customer Toranto | Age: 25, Gender: Male

    Being a digital addict, I always look out for some advanced features while shopping online, and YupTrends have amazed me with their cool live shopping feature. Now it almost feels like shopping in a s... Read More >

  • Abhishek Kalotra

    customer Mumbai | Age: 35, Gender: Male

    The most significant problems I faced while online shopping was to clear my queries for which I had never experienced responsive customer support. When I shopped on YupTrends, I was amazed to see thei... Read More >

  • Gurpreet Singh

    customer Delhi | Age: 45, Gender: Male

    When it comes to shopping online, I am incredibly selective and mostly have been ended up having disappointing experiences. With YupTrends, things have been different and exciting; the live shopping f... Read More >

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