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In the case stated otherwise, Yuptrends and its licensors have the rights towards its intellectual property for the respective materials listed on YupTrends and are reserved by the former only. Accessing this from YupTrends for your usage are strictly subjected to certain restrictions laid out in the following terms and conditions and therefore, It would be best if you were not engaged in:

  • Republishing material from YupTrends
  • Selling, renting or sub-licensing material from YupTrends
  • Reproducing, duplicating or copying material from YupTrends
  • Redistributing content from YupTrends

Few designated sections of the website offer opportunity to the users to either post or exchange of opinions along with some information. We do not add any filter or neither edit, publish or review the comments that are being received before the presence on this website. Such comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of YupTrends or any of its affiliates. Till the extended permission in regards to the applicable laws, YupTrends cannot be held responsible for any comments what cause damages or expenses.

YupTrends exercises the rights to monitor each comment and has the permit o remove any of them that can be considered to be offensive, inappropriate, or breaches with our terms and conditions.

You warrant and represent that:

You will be entitled to post comments on the YupTrends website, along with having the necessary permits and licenses to do so.

These comments must not invade any of the rights related to intellectual property rights and must not include copyright limitation, trademark, or patent of any of the third parties.

The comments should not be defamatory, derogatory, offensive, indecent, or libelous or something unlawful that can be an invasion of privacy.

The comments must not solicit or promote other businesses or must not present commercial or unlawful activities.

Your approval of all the terms and conditions grants YupTrends a non-exclusive license, via which we will be using, reproducing, editing, and authorizing others to do either of them in any form, formats, and media.

Hyper-linking to our Content

The below-mentioned organizations have the rights to link to our website without any given prior notice (written):

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • News organizations;

The online directory distributors might be linking to our site in the same order as they are involved in hyperlinking to the other listed businesses or websites.

The organizations as mentioned above are adhered to link to YupTrends Home Page, to publications or might be other website information as long as:

      a) it is not deceptive in any way possible
      b) do not imply sponsorship, endorsement, or approval in any false manner with the linking party or their products or services
      c) is in perfect sync with the context of the linking party’s site.

Consideration and approval of other link requests will be allowed to the following types of organizations:

Popular or widely known consumer and/or business information sources;

Community sites with a dot.com domain;

Charity representing associations or other groups;

Online directory distributors;

Internet portals;

Accounting, law and consulting firms; and

Educational institutions and trade associations

YupTrends approves link request from these organizations only if we decide:

      a) the link will not unfavorably represent us to our team or to our business whom we have accredited

      b) the respective organizations must not be having any negative records with YupTrends

      c) Absence of YupTrends must not be compensated with the benefit of our visibility

      d) the link must be the context of the general resource information.

If you are interested in linking to our website is one of the organizations that has been listed above, we request you to send us an e-mail with your name, your organization name, contact information and the URL of your website. Along with these, you also need to send us a list of any URLs with which you intend to link to our website.

Granted organizations may hyperlink to our website as follows:

By using our corporate name; or

By using the uniform resource locator that has been linked to

By using any other description to be found on our website 

Never using Yuptrends's logo or other artwork


Creating of iFrames on our website is strictly prohibited without any prior approval or written permission being granted to the concerned person.

Content Liability

YupTrends does not share any responsibility for any content that is appearing on this website. Links will not be granted if the links found to be, are obscene, libelous, or criminal or infringes with our terms and conditions or any third party rights.