Q1-Do I need a list of minimum number of items?

Yuptrends has no minimum number of items required to use it.

Q2-How do I upload my listings on Yuptrends.com?

Yuptrends offers three channels for uploading your listings to accommodate the scale of your business

  • Add a product - If you have a small number of items you want Yuptrends to fulfil for you, you can list them one at a time. Seller Central, our web interface for sellers helps you to select items in the Yuptrends.com catalog or add new ones. Once you have your items listed, you can simply convert it to by fulfiled by Yuptrends.
  • Flat file feeds - If you have large number of items, you can list items by uploading a flat file through our web tool. We provide an Excel spreadsheet template that you can use to build the file. This method enables you to directly list them for Fulfillment by Yuptrends.

Q3-What product and order information you need from me?

  • You must provide us with information we request about any of your products, or the fulfillment of your products, in a format and upon intervals that we request.
  • This product information may include all information regarding all available product categorisation and sub-categorisations, item and packaging dimensions, weight and bar code data and product condition for all of your products if it’s not already in our catalogue.

Q4-How do I pack products for shipment to you?

Collect your packaged and labeled units and pack them in boxes to ship to Yuptrends center. Print shipping labels for your packages. You can print from your seller account the list of products and quantities you intend to send us and use this list as a reference when collecting the products from your storage facility.

Pack your product units using as few boxes as possible. Protect the products from damage during shipping by adding cushioning material like styrofoam or bubble-wrap to the box. Check the sealed box to ensure the contents in the box will not shift during shipping and that the box is strong enough for shipping. Repack the box if necessary.

Q5-How do I prepare units for shipment to you?

Each unit you ship to us should be ready for us to pack and ship to customers. Fragile items need to be individually packed with protective material such as Styrofoam or bubble wrap.

Q6-Which units require labelling?

Every unit must be labeled whether using the labels provided by your seller.

Q7-Will Yuptrends compensate for any lost or damaged units?

If a loss of or damage to any Unit occurs in circumstances for which we take responsibility under the Yuptrends Services Business Solutions Agreement, we will reimburse you.

Q8-Who will handle customer service?

One of the advantages of fulfillment by Yuptrends is the use of Yuptrends customer service to handle customer enquiries, refunds and returns. If the customer wants to return a product, we direct the customer to our online Returns center. Our online returns center provides customers with help pages and details about how to contact us.

Q9-Who will handle customer returns?

Our online returns center provides customers with help pages and details about how to contact us. If the customer wants to return a product, we will direct the customer to our online Returns center. Once the customer raises a return request, we will handle the customer returns.

How will customer refunds happen?

For products sold by you through the Yuptrends.com website, we will process the customer refunds for product returns in accordance with Yuptrends.com returns policy, the Yuptrends service terms and the selling on Yuptrends Service terms. Your selling on Yuptrends report will show these refunds.

Q10-How do I ask you to return products (unfulfillable inventory) to me?

You can request to have your inventory returned to you by completing the contacting seller support. You can include the following information:

  • SKU of each item to be returned.
  • Quantity of each item to be returned.
  • Address to which you would like us to send the items.
  • Follow-up e-mail address (if the address is different from the one to which this message is being sent)