About us

About YupTrend

To make an outstanding and unrivaled identity in the Punjabi and Indian fashion sector, YupTrends has come far in covering countless milestones. Our endeavor as being counted amongst one of the latest and advanced eCommerce websites makes us truly different from the rest.

Our ace features such as shopping through video calling functionality, F2F interaction with sellers, promoting and complimenting Punjabi tradition, and Indian culture in the USA and Canada, justifies our existence as one of the top brands in the world of online shopping.

What makes us even more distinctive is our inclination and passion towards promoting and upholding the Sikh religion and offering spiritual goods and things related to the same. Our stand-alone identity as an eCommerce website with live feature shopping is why we belong close to our privileged customers' preferences. We do this by inquiring about our vendors to list their products and enabling them for a live demo where a call redirects to the merchant for live shopping.


YupTrends saw its inception with a passionate and firm ideology to bring to the world the exquisite and rich tradition of India and how it's distinctive fashion world makes us truly proud. The mission of establishing a name in the first world countries like the USA and Canada has been taken up, thereby igniting the way we do our business. We not only bring forward the prideful religion of the Sikhs but also exhibit the vibrant colors of fashion towards the entire world.


Establishing a concrete name of reputation in the world eCommerce fashion has not been easy, and the journey of overcoming countless obstacles is what made us stronger today. With a firm vision in mind to bring forth the Indian fashion to the world stage is where we started with our embryonic steps, and today we are empowered to cater more than what we ever dreamt of! Today our vision stands out on an even more, broader spectrum where our priority is to make our privileged customers' lives easier, thereby giving them the best platform to shop their favorites.

Our USPs

YupTrends is a body of reputable and eminent minds form the industry who comes together to unite a distinctive brand that outperforms outstandingly on the digital platform.

What makes us so different from the rest is our ardent passion in what we do and consider this to be our best platform to articulate our emotions is through serving countless customers. Uploading and eminently exhibiting our rich tradition and heritage, our inclination towards the Sikh culture gets even more prominent.

Pour team unites together to recognize and visualize the vibrant spectrum of colors that we adorn ourselves with. To help our privileged customers get precisely what they are looking for when it comes to shopping online, our admiration towards the Indian culture and close study of the Sikh community makes it a tailor-made choice for your desires.

As one of the core principles of YupTrends, we cast all our focus to majorly one thing, which is, customer satisfaction, our belief in serving our customers supremely has made us one of the loved online shopping brands today. The bedrock reasons for our superior brand expansion is more on being so close to our privileged customers than being an ace shopping platform.

Being so adored in the industry for our most comprehensive range of products, we cannot stand reputedly in the sector but connect to thousands of lives every day. From men's Indo western and ethnic collection to women's desi avatars, our endeavor in giving you more than what you expected touches on the lines of dedicated innovation.

To be accessible within a single click across the globe with our top of the line products, YupTrends has been even more enhanced with our live shopping feature where not only the customers are benefited at their respective comfort zones but also our esteemed vendors too. In the coming years, we hope to draw an even more vivacious picture with lots of love adulation coming in our way, thereby continuing to serve diligently.